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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Local arts club summer exhibition.

Well, our local arts club here on Isle of Bute had its summer exhibition last weekend and as we are members we put some items in. Sadly, due to bad weather and the facts that there were several other events on over the weekend, the exhibition didn't get many visitors but never mind.

This was some of our work on display. The paintings are hubbies - you can see his website here and the altered canvas with the sugar skull and the woven panels are mine, along with the elephants which are decoupage canvas panels.
We didn't sell any of these pieces but I sold a few other bits of craft work so it wasn't a total waste of time!!

There was some lovely art and craft work on display and I bought a lovely pot from a couple who make pottery here on the island.

The island has a lot of artists and craftspeople and its great to see what other people make. The club has a Facebook page here

Once I've got everything packed away that we bought back I shall be thinking about having a go at something new - just got to decide what!!!

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Taking time out here.

Been a bit quiet here on the craft front recently. Taking some time out and doing a lot of thinking but not that much creating!!

If you've been looking at the website you will see that I have been doing a bit of stuff - mostly bits of weaving.
I wanted to do something different for a change so have been doing some mini woven panels, just for fun.

It's been fun  doing something different and I will be doing some more of this.
Health hasn't been too good lately either and its been hard to find the motivation to do much. At least with the weaving I can put it down and pick it up as and when I want. With the jewellery I have to pack it all away and then I don't always want to go to the trouble of getting it all back out again. 
Mind you, I need to get my finger out soon as I've got to do some things for our local Arts Club exhibition at the end of July. 
You can check out the website here.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Happy Easter.

Well, tomorrow is Easter Sunday and I hope the easter bunny will be good to you and bring you lots of chocolate!

Been a few weeks since the last blog post, sorry about that but I've been busy with my womb cancer organisation and not had much time for crafting.

I have however been able to make a couple more of the stitched projects I was doing. However, this time I didn't make then into wall hangings - no, I'm getting adventurous now!! I found a stash of canvas bags that I had bought some years ago hidden in the back of the wardrobe. Some of them I had tie-dyed so I stitched these panels onto the bags.


Yes, I know they need a good iron but seeing as they are going back into the wardrobe for a while I'll do it later!!!
Also started doing a spot of weaving. It's something I have wanted to do for years but have never had the space for a table top loom but I was watching some videos on Youtube last week and found some great video's on how to improvise. Now I am a great fan of making do with what you have if you can so I set too with my stash of yarn and came up with these mini wall hangings.
This was my first attempt. Very tiny one, wrapped the warp threads round a A5 sized hardback notebook.
Tensions not really good but not bad for a 1st attempt.

This was the 2nd attempt. By now I had progressed from using the notebook to using a small rigid plastic loom board that I bought off ebay. Measures about 9cm x 16cm but so much easier to use than the notebook!! It has grooves along both edges so the warp threads don't slip all over the place.

The 3rd attempt was even better as I
was now getting used to getting the tension right.

So, I have been having some fun and hopefully will have more lovely handmade goodies to show you next time.
Enjoy the Bank Holiday. xx

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Where is this year going?

Well, it doesn't seem 2 minutes since it was Xmas and now its almost March. Where is this year going??

Been doing some new craft work this year - trying something different. I put the beads away for a bit and have started doing some textile work.
Now sewing has never been my think - can just about sew on a button if needed!!

I was watching some videos on Youtube and came across an interesting one on how to use up scraps of fabric. Now, I hate throwing anything away and this seemed like a great way to use up the scraps left over from making my fabric brooches so I had to give it a go.

So I did and I have to say that I'm quite pleased with the out come. I turned the pieces into mini wall hangings and I am now on my 4th one!

This was my first attempt. It's in shades of purple and measures approx. 3" x 4". I used gold thread to quilt in and was really pleased with the way it turned out.

This was my 2nd attempt - in peach for womb                   
cancer awareness.
Much more stitching this time which resulted in
it puckering a bit but you learn by your mistakes
so they say!!

Third attempt was slightly bigger, but not much! The idea was inspired by the night sky and is supposed to represent the cosmos, hence the gold star charms attached to it.

There is now a 4th one on the go - will share a pic of that in the next blog post.  Quite enjoying the sewing, makes a change from jewellery making and I am finding it quite relaxing. Apart from when the thread gets tangled up that is!!!!!


Sunday, 22 January 2017

Here's to a good 2017

Well, 2016 ended on a good note.
We managed to raise nearly £150 at the 2 Xmas Fairs we did for the local dialysis unit campaign so I was really pleased about that.

2017 started with a parcel of goodies going off to the  Dr Hadwen shop for them to sell and we have also donated some items to our local Oxfam shop and also a shop that raises funds for the local island food bank.

We have been updating the website as well in between making goodies and we are also hoping to embark on some new crafting projects.
Going to be stretching myself and going out of my comfort zone of beads and jewellery and into textile work. No considering I don't sew and can barely figure out how to use the sewing machine, I thinks this is going to be an interesting project.

Have a look through the website and let me know what you think.

Hope you have an interesting and creative 2017.

See you soon.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Off to meet Santa on Saturday.

Well, I've been busy over the past few weeks sorting out my stash of goodies and have parcelled up and sent items to various good causes that I support.

I sent a parcels of items to AMMF as there will probably be some of their supporters holding Xmas fundraising events and they will pass them on to them and I also sent a box of goodies to Rainbow Valley as there is a fundraising event being held this Saturday 26th Nov in Glasgow to help raise funds for them.

If you are in Glasgow then why not pop along and support this great cause.

I held my final online sale a couple of weeks ago and raised over £300 which will be added to my total raised throughout the year for AMMF and WCSUK. The total raised will be split between these 2 good causes as the end of the year. Total currently stands at £554.50.

Also this Saturday I am at a local event  here on Bute. I shall be selling my items to help raise funds for our local dialysis unit group who are trying to raise £300,000 to get a dialysis unit here on the island. At present, any patients requiring dialysis have to travel to the mainland 3 times a week which is a tough thing to have to do when you are seriously ill.

So fingers crossed that there is a good turnout and everyone has a good time. I hear that Father Christmas will be there so I must remember to be a good girl!!!

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Did someone mention Christmas?

If you know me, then you know that we don't "do" Christmas! Apart from the fact that we're not religious, neither myself or my husband are into all the commercialism and materialistic crap that goes with it. Far too much money and natural resources wasted on just one day so for the past 20+ years we haven't bothered.

25th December is just like any other day in our house. On Christmas days here on the island, before I was diagnosed,  we used to go out for a long walk on the day. For the past 7 years we've just spent the day doing the same as we usually do - which isn't much very exciting!!

Having one of my regular sort outs recently I cam across a few packs of card blanks that I've had for ages and never got round to using and before you know it, I was making Christmas cards!!!!

Now, don't get too excited - I've not converted and come over all festive!!! I'm going to be donating them to one of my good causes  - sending out Christmas cards is another thing we don't do either.

So, if you see me covered in glitter and sequins then you'll know what's been happening. Hopefully I won't enjoy this creative process too much otherwise it might become an annual event!!!

Bah, humbug!! xxx